2011年9月26日 星期一

Crazy Story

It was a great day as I came home from the school. I throw my bag on the floor and took my bicycle from the backyard and was ready to go to the playground and had fun with my friends.
"Where are you going honey?" my mom asked as usual.
"To the playground mummy." I replied.
My mom nodded and waved to me and remind me to be careful on what I did and told me to always think before I do stuff to prevent dangerous things happening to me. I rode my bike down the street and came to the play ground.

"Hey Billy" Leo and other greeted.
I greeted them to and we started to discuss what we did today at school and deciding what we should play first.

"So what should we play first?" Tommy asked.
Vincent suggested that we should play catching and we agreed on it and Vincent volunteered to be the catcher and all of us just started running and keep ourselves away from Vincent as far as possible. Well, everybody knew that I was monkey-like when I was a kid and I started to climb up the triangular roof and I knew I would always be safe there cause no one had the guts to come up and catch me. I started to felt bored about it by the time I saw them running and shouting all over the place when I was up here totally ignored by them. All of a sudden Vincent shouted

"Wow look at that guys is that a UFO?"
I grabbed a hold of the roof trying to standout however I wasn't paying attention on it and I lost the grip of it and fall. My forehead crashed on the metal ground and start bleeding. I could hear shouting and crying all over the place and I saw one grown-ups carried me and sent me home. My mom and dad came out of the house and they started to panic. My dad then realized what he had to do and turned on the car engine and drove us to the hospital. I went into the surgery room I could still hear them talking and the doctor started to help me stitch the wound I had. The pain was excruciating I started to shouted and yelled in pain the nurses tried to comfort me and push my body down to prevent me from getting up and I didn't remember what happened next. All I remember was when I woke up my parents and sister was beside me and my mom hugged me so hard that I finally realized every move I did was really important to them as they are so scared to lose me from their life....

2011年9月20日 星期二

Irony example

1. Kino found the Pearl of the world and he had the ability to cure Coyotito's disease now but it seems like the swell was getting better."Kino lifted the flesh; and there it lay, the great pearl, perfect as the moon. It captured te light and refined it and gave it back in silver incandescence. It was as a sea gull's egg. It was the greatest pearl in the world...He looked past his pearl and he saw that the swelling as going out of he baby's shoulder the poison was receding from its body."(Pg 100)
2. The Pearl was supposed to be sold to give Coyotito and better future however Coyotio was killed at last and Kino threw the Pearl away because of the pain and evilness that the Pearl gave to them. "The Kneeing, moaning rising hysterical cry from the little cave in the side of the stone mountain, the cry of death...And the Pearl settled into the lovely freen water and dropped toward the button.(Pg.134-135)

3. Coyotito was crying in the cave but the strangers thought it was the 'coyote' "And then from above came a little murmuring cry. THe watcher turned his head to listen and then he stod up, and one of the sleeers stored on the ground and awakened and asked quietly, "What is it?"... "Coyote maybe," he said. (Pg 132)

2011年9月18日 星期日


Kevin Mai Billy Chang
A Forigner criticizes a Taiwanese To You
F: Hey~ My name is John, I am from States.
M: Hi, Nice to meet you.
F: Taiwan is such a beatiful island, don't you think?
M: Yeah, I know( trying not to pay attention)
F: And here is so convinence~ lots of 7-11 and markets.
M: Yeah Yeah Yeah, so how's the first day of school in TAPA?
F: The staff and environment are great, but......um....
M: Yeah?
F: Taiwanese are just weird and they suck.
M: Uh....excuse me?
F: I said they such and they are weird!
M: Why would.......(John says over Me)
F: Because American are better than them!
F: Taiwanese sucks at speaking English and talking to girls. They even sucks at homework they wear something that looks terrible!
M: What the heck?! How long have you been living here?
F: One week man, but everytime I go out, I just get annoyed by Taiwanese.
M: What else man? (Kind of angry)
F: Man, it's hard to say. Look at that guy, what a bad hair style, wear blue shirt with red pants?! Give me a break!
F: Do you heard his voice? Terrible man! and the girl is so poor, she should hand out with me~
M: You know, they are just a ramdom couple on the MRT.
F: So? Taiwanese sucks!
F: Look at that grandma, Man, stinks! and looks so dead!
M: Hey, you should be polite man! She is a old grandma.
F: I don't really care! Sucks man!
M: Enough man, Who do you think you are? American are better? They are so good at being pround!
F: What......?
M: Yeah, I am talking about you guys, Taiwanese does not suck, we are great man!
F: Haha are you sure?
M: Yeah! (Look at John) Who in the world will wear a jeans with tennis shoes?
F: That's called fasion!
M: Yeah, that old grandma wear better than you man!
M: And who will wear a T-shirt with the words I Rock on it?! Haha you are pround with your fashion right?
F: This is the newest in US!
M: We are in Taiwan man!
M: See that dog outside the MRT window, It is look at you man~ come on! show it your fashion.
F: Are you criticizing me?
M: I should say that 10 minutes ago.
F:Uh......Than who do you think you are!?
M: I am a normal person that think you guys are funny because you think you guys are handsome or something else.
F:We are!
M: By wearing this kind of shirt and shoes? Or by the face that comes from the States?
F: That's mean man!
M: I should say this 11 minutes ago.
F: Alright, we you should keep it down. Everyone on this train is looking at us.
M: Yeah, they like your fasion and face, and you, forigner, should keep it down.
M: This is Taiwan!
M: Haha, It's time to get off, I lived in Betio.
M:Hey, you didn't ask my name.
F: Why would I care?!
M: Yeah you shouldn't, but a forigner just got criticized by his friend in TAPA.
F: You are not my friend!
M: I know~ I am such a good Taiwanese, why would I care about a guy who comes from States?
F: Get off the MRT man!
M: Haha, you should ask a Taiwanese a Taiwanese's name~
F: Bequiet!
M: I know, I am getting off~ (The door opens and I walk out)
M: See you man!
F: Whatever!
M: (Said when the MRT door cloeses) Man~ this is the destination, He would be fun in the MRT along~

2011年9月13日 星期二


"This is evil! It's getting way too over! It's demonic!" I exclaimed.
"Son are you okay?" my dad asked.
"Dad I don't know. Things just don't go the way it does after I won the lottery, I thought I could do everything I wanted to. But after getting the lottery people started to talk to me trying to get a share of it."
"You will be fine son."
"Dad can I've been thinking about giving the money to charity to help people up."
"What?!" my dad exclaimed.
"No Billy don't it's not a great decision look son look at me we can use spend our money on the stuff we wanted, we can go vacation, we can go to good college, we can enjoy life like we never did before."
"I'm not enjoying it dad, I want to have the life that I used to have. Peace and harmony no one would pretend to be nice to me. I don't want people to disturb me, it's not comfortable to be like this, it's not what I want."
"But it is the life I wanted!!!" he shouted.
"Look no matter what I'm not going to give up on the lottery and no one would take it from us, no one!"
This was the first time I saw my dad been like this. He used to be so hilarious and cool dad; we used to play basketball and talked about random stuff but after I won the lottery the only thing he does is counting he cash he had everyday like Satan had placed a curse on him.
"Let me talk to me Honey you should go out and take a walk and cool yourself down," my mom said with a smile on her face.
I nodded like I always do and walked out of the room trying to clear my mind up and thinking why would Lord do this kind of crucial things to me? I just don't understand at all. I close my eyes and there was a vision that I saw. It was kids, homeless kids. They were on the streets with tear on their face as no one care about their livings. I opened my eyes and cried, I finally understand why God make this happen to me. My dad walked to me.
"Hey son I'm sorry I shouldn't be so mad at you. You're right money can't buy us happiness sometimes it can but it's only temporary not forever. You're right we should use them to help those people who needed them."
I gave my dad a hug and he told me that he was proud of me. We went to the charity foundation and gave the money to the foundation hoping that it will make a difference to the world.
After all I learned a lesson that money can't buy us happiness and we should always be happy and be proud of who we are. It doesn't matter how rich you are because it is how you are at the outside it matter if you are rich inside your heart, show the care, the love to the people around the world who needs our help.

Winning BIG DAY FOUR!!

Finally my suspension was over. Great I can go to school now. My dad drove to the school gate. I walked in and suddenly everyone stared at me as if I was like a endangered creature. I walked inside pretending everything was just like normal. However, people started to gather around me and started to ask me question and I felt so uncomfortable been surrounded by people that never talked to me before. I took a deep breathe and ran through the crowd. They didn't give up and keep on chasing me, suddenly someone grab me and pull me to the corner. We watch them ran through us and I was relieved after all.

"Tough to be a billion air right Bill?" Justin said.
"Yea,I didn't expect that coming since everyone is rich in this school..."
"Billy no matter what happened to you Sean and me will always be there for you if you need us, always!" Justin exclaimed.
"Thanks bro."
The bell rang and me and Justin headed for world history class...
"OH Billy my great student welcome back to my class!" Mr. Gary yelled.
Everybody clapped for me and cheered as if I was a very important person.
"Umm thanks..."I murmured.
Then Mr.Gary started to lecture and Diana who was sitting in front of me started to talk to me.
"Hey Billy I'm so sorry for what had happened I was kind of confused will you forgive me?"
I hesitated and I looked at Justin and Sean. I know what they were thinking and I knew what must be done.
"Diana it's over," I replied.
"What? What did you just say?" she asked.
"You heard me."
The bell had rung and the class for today ended sooner because there was parent teacher meeting conference. I ran home and locked myself in the room and screamed.
"What's wrong? What's happening? Please God guide me and show me the path to get out of this junk please..."

2011年9月12日 星期一

Winning BIG DAY THREE!!!

"This is so awesome!!! I... I... I actually won the lottery! This is so incredible!!!" I cried. I told my parents that I won the lottery and they were so excited about it. My mom gave me a bear hug and it was so tight that I could barely breathe. I went to the place where I was supposed to go and news reporter surrounded me and started to ask question.
"Sir, so what do you feel about wining the lottery?"
"Umm it feels great. I mean I love it!" I replied.
They asked me more question about the lottery and after that I went back home with the cash that I had just "earned". I left the check on the table and turned the TV on. Of course they would start to report me wining the lottery. I was interested about seeing it for half an hour after that it just disgusted me so much that I just turned the TV off without a second thought. I turned on my computer and get onto Facebook as usual trying to see if Sean or Justin was on.Instead, I saw punch of trolls leaving comments on my wall that they never did... I felt a way that this was going to be great as I could stop worrying about the money that my mom need to have the stress to provide me for college in another sense I felt everybody was trying to take some advantage from this...

2011年9月11日 星期日

The Pearl last Chapter

In the Pearl Chapter Six Kino and his family started their journey to the city in order to sell the Pearl that Kino wouldn't give up. They keep on walking until Kino discovered that they were stalked and followed by some strangers. Kino came out with an idea; he lead his family up to the mountain hoping that they could get rid of them and keep on going smooth like butter. However, things didn't go really well for them as the strangers followed them up to the mountain and they were held with weapons, deadly weapons... Kino told himself if he didn't get rid of the strangers they would die and the precious Pearl that Kino adored so much would be in someone's hand. Kino hid his family inside a cave and told Juana, his loyal wife make sure Coyotito wouldn't cry because if he did he would be dead. Juana told Kino that he wouldn't and told Kino it would be all fine.When the night comes Kino was ready for the assassination. All of a sudden, there was a cry inside the cave which pulled the attention of the strangers one of them aimed inside the cave. Kino came out and tried to kill all of them before the trigger was pulled however, he failed and at last Coyotito died. Kino and Juana then went back to the place where they belong and Kino threw the Pearl into the Sea and let it washed away...

In my opinion I found this book the Pearl is a really interesting book as the author used a lot of skills in writing the story such as figurative, foreshadowing and irony inside the book. The book was enlighten my thought.Before I read the book of Pearl I thought money rules the world if you have money you could do all the stuff you want. Have nice wheels, party all the night,get into good colleges by bribing the school and even some people would use them to do something that's totally inappropriate. But after reading the Pearl I had a new thought. I thought that I don't ever want to be Kino getting chased by people for things that would actually risk your life or your family's life. We can live normally and enjoy every tiny pieces of life. Hanging out with friends and play some sports. Life is more than just taking out papers from your pocket and spend it to something that is totally meaningless!!!

2011年9月9日 星期五

Winning BIG DAY TWO!!

RING!!!! My bell rang again. I woke up today, frustrated not because I was mad about Mr Gary's work but because of his suspension. As usual I brushed ate my breakfast, brushed my teeth and had a shower. It was so boring stay home for the whole day staring at my computer and keeping on refreshing on Facebook every single minute and listening to those music that I'm already tired of listening to. I decided to call Justin.

"Sup Bill how's your day?"
"Bored staying at home the whole day doing nothing. Are you free this afternoon we can hang out and do something fun and I can also get some new homework from you in case Mr. Gary said I should know it by myself when I'm actually suspended at home..."
"Haha alright sure so Sean and me will wait for you in the coffee shop do you want me to call Diana?"
"Nah it's cool she told me that she's busy today with family celebration so I would just let her take care of her own business."
"Right, so we will wait for you don't be late."
"You got me brother."
I got a hold of my bag and my wallet and went to the coffee shop.
"Hey guys." I greeded
"Hey are you fine?" Sean asked.
"Fine did you guys brought the homework for me?"
"Yeah it's in my bag."
When Sean was taking the assignments from his bag I saw a couple walking into the shop and the girl looked familiar to me. It's Diana. I walked there slowly just to trying to give her a surprise but the nightmare had begun I saw the guy beside him gave me a kiss...

"Diana?" I asked?
She looked shocked and she was definitely panicking as I could see from the way she's playing with her finger.
"Hey Billy I thought you were at home."
"I was and I thought you were busy with your family celebration and who is this guy?"
"Oh my cousin."
"Yeah I can tell by the way you kissed him."
She looked at me and closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
"Billy we are done..."
"What? What do you mean we are done?!" I asked?
"You heard me," she replied and took the order she got and left with her awesome boyfriend she got.

"Umm Billy are you okay?" Justin asked.
I stared at them and replied, "Yea I'm lets go I'm sick of this place."
We grabbed our bag and left.
"Guys, that... that son of a.... that woman just cheated on me?"
"Well at least you still have us as your loyal friends, chill man there's tons of girl in the world. No worries," Sean said.
"Word, Sean, Billy just forget about it and start again," Justin added.
I was so mad and depress at the same time as I saw my life so screwed up. I saw and lottery shop and walked to it. I bought five numbers of lotterytery and hoped my luck would at least be better. After that we went for dinner and I got home took my shower lied on my bed but I couldn't sleep at all...

2011年9月8日 星期四


RING!!!!!!!!!!!!! My alert woke me up from my sweet dreams that I was having for the last 8 hours. I stared around the the room just to make myself more comfortable after an tiring day last night doing Mr.Gary's homework. I screamed so loud as if I dropped my iPhone inside the toilet. My mom stormed inside and said, "what happened are you okay?"

"Sigh* Yeah everything is alright I'm just not in the mood to go to school listening to Mr.Gary's lecture... it's so meaningless."

"Honey it will be fine just concentrate in the class to will help you in your future," my mom replied.

"Whatever like it is ever going to to use the theory of Renaissance in my future work and life," I complained to her.

My mom gave me a smile and tabbed on my head. I stood up from my bed and went to eat my breakfast and took my shower and brushed my teeth. My dad and drove me to the school and told me to focus on my grades.

"Sup Bill how are you?" Justin said.
"Not good at all, I'm going to get my world history test back today and I'm 100% sure that he is gonna fail me because I always asked him questions that he couldn't really answer..."
"Haha I see chill man everything is going to be alright trust me," he replied
"Hope so..."

The class bell rang and I was tardy for class because I was inside the washroom. I walked into the class and Mr.Gary asked in a fierce tone

"Billy why are you late for class?"
"Sorry sir I was in the washroom and the bell rang," I murmured.
" LOUDER I can't hear you!!!"
"I was in the washroom when the bell rang sir."
"That's a excuse stand at the back of the classroom!!!"

I did what he said. He then gave us back our world history test, Of course I failed in my world history test with a F. However, I saw Justin's test and he had the exact answer as me. 
I raised my hand and said "Mr. Gary why do you give me a cross when I got the same answer as Justin?"

"Billy you just earn yourself a detention by speaking when I'm lecturing."
"But this is important cause I don't get why you grade me as wrong when I had the same answer as someone that's right."
"Stop complaining and take the grade I gave you!!!"
"No I'm not satisfied with it because I deserved better!"
"Billy Chang you are suspended from school for 5 days, and now get out of the class before I tell the guard to do so!"
I could feel the blood flowing to my brain and I hold my feast so hard like a rock. My loyal friend Sean and Justin looked at me and shook their head telling me not to do it. I released my head and walked out of the door and went home...

2011年9月7日 星期三

Pearl Chapter Review

In this chapter it started with Kino sleeping and he discovered that Juana was not beside him. He woke up and started to look for Juana. He saw her taking the pearl and he was outraged and started to chase Juana and when he caught Juana he punched and kicked her. The pearl fell on the ground and when Juana was going to take it a stranger appeared. He was bleeding, badly because Kino cut his throat because Kino knew the guy was going to take the pearl away from him. After, a man jumped out of the wood and was trying to steal the pearl. Kino tried to stopped him and got into a fight with him and eventually killed him. Kino and Juana decided to leave pick Coyotito from the house and escape here with the canoe which his father left for him. However, things didn't go well at all; they discovered their house was burned and the canoe was destroyed. Kino left with no choice and so he went to his brother, Juan Tomás for help and Juan hide them and Kino didn't want his brother to be in danger they decided to leave the house during the night...

From the video that i watched, the woman told us that she was born in a family which they respected feminism alot as she told us that when she was young, her mom told her to read and watch about the document about women rights whjile other kids were watching cartoon and reading comic books. Her dad quit his job due tot the fact that the company he was in only welcome her brother and not her. So now we look at the Pearl, we could see there's difference between men and women. For example, like the body structure. Let us flash back to last friday Mr. Adams told us that men would need 3% of their body to be fat and women needed 13% of their body to be fat because they needed the fats to help them with reproduction. Thus, different gender would have different kinds of body structure and function but that didn't mean we should be sexist or to show unrespect to the opposite gender. A women could be as smart as a men. They can be as bright and as intenlligent as men. Remember God said 'Men and Women are equal, yet different. And the fact we're different is wonderful' and God didn't make us to duplicate each other but to complment each other. So this verses told us that no matter what gender we are, we should show respect tp each other and helped each other. Therefore, I think man and woman should be treated equally.


2011年9月3日 星期六

Pearl Chapter Review

The chapter started with Kino and his family and his brother Juan Thomas to the city as they wanted to sell the Pearl out with a good price. Kino then met a dealer, the dealer was flipping coins around his fingers under the table showing that he was nervous about it and was eager to see how did the Pearl of the World looked like. Kino walked towards him and started to have a chat with him about the Pearl. The dealer pretended that he didn't know any single information about the Pearl and told Kino to show him the pearl. Kino agreed and took it out of his pocket. The Pearl was so large and so splendid that the dealer was too nervous and dropped his coin but he didn't show it on his face as he did a great putting his poker face on. Then other dealers came and saw the Pearl. The first dealer then said to Kino that the Pearl will worth nothng because it was too big and no one had ever seen it before and other agreed too and told him that they will give him five hundred to one thousand peso as a good deal. Kino thought he was cheated and left the place with his pearl. The dealers then understood that they were playing it too hard and raised the price to one thousand five hundred peso but it was too late.After going home Kino told Juana that he would be going to downtown because there might be a chance to have a better deal there. In addition he told his brother about been scared to go there but with his brother's courage and for his family he was willing to take the challenge. Before Kino and his wife went to sleep he felt the sound of evil in his mind and decided to hide his Pearl in a safe place; he was right at night they were assaulted again. Kino was injured, badly and with Juana's help she lifted her husband to the bed and told him that they should get rid of the Pearl it was bringing crucial things to them. Kino refused to let it happened he told her that tomorrow he would go the downtown and sold the Pearl and lived in a good life...

From my own opinion I thought that the Pearl was the main source of evilness. Look at it this way if the Pearl wasn't discovered there wouldn't be any jealousy in  between people to plan stealing the Pearl away. I also thought that Kino was pushing it way too hard to get rich. If I was his brother I would suggest him to throw the Pearl away or at least sell it for some money and lived the rest of your life in peace and harmony. When people tends to have more they would want more and more this would be just meaningless. In the bible Ecclesiastes 5:10 it said whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless. I totally agree and I always asked myself why? Why are people so stubborn and tends to want more when they had more they needed? The world was supposed to be a place of joy, caring for each other and be friends with each other. Now it just turned to be a place of evil and people started to assault others for what they wants. So I suggest Kino threw the Pearl away because it would brought you more pain than you had ever experienced and you would regret if you didn't do so...